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After 10 years of practice in her office in Grapevine, Dr. Kennedy decided to open her own practice. She was born and raised in the beautiful city of Grapevine. She attended Grapevine High School and recieved her degree at Parker College of Chiropractic in 2000. Dr. Kennedy has significant experience and offers the following services:


Activator Method (low force technique)

N.A.E.T. (allergy elimination technique)

Acupuncture (traditional and needleless)

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Doctor Supervised Weight Loss

Therapeudic Massage by Certified Therapist



Listening Therapy

Dear Patients, Parents and Health Practitioners of Autistic Children,

We are planning to conduct a large global study on a group of 1500 autistic children (ages 3 to 10) to determine the effectiveness of NAET in Autism Spectrum Disorder. Our earlier published research showed dramatic improvement, with 23/30 children receiving treatment being able to return to regular schools (vs 0/30 in the untreated control group).

Before entering the study, children must have a diagnosis of Autism from a psychologist, neurologist or a psychiatrist. Part of initial screening will include blood tests for IgE allergies, a five minute interactive video, and functional testing. The NAR Foundation will pay for these evaluations and treatments. This translates to over $2500 in free treatments and testing for your child.

This will be a placebo controlled study. The children will be treated twice a week over 4-6 months for 36 key groups of allergens. Treatments are simple and gentle, using acupressure and taking ~ 30 minutes. Each treatment can eliminate one food sensitivity, and children will need to avoid the treated food for 25 hours after each treatment. They are permitted to continue all therapies they were on prior to entering the study.

Please contact Dr. DeAnna Kennedy Kern, DC to enroll your child in the study. We invite health practitioners to refer children with autism for the study as well.

After completion of the treatments for 36 food groups, both the treatment and placebo group will be reevaluated for all initial evaluations (except the blood test). Children in the placebo group will be offered free treatments after they complete the study.

If you are interested to participate in this study, you may send you child’s detailed information to this email address below to register for enrollment into the study.

Attn: Dr. DeAnna Kennedy Kern, DC
Email: familywellnessgrapevine@gmail.com

Child’s full Name:
Date of Birth or Age:
Name of Parents:
E-mail Address:
Tel. no.
Children for this study should not have received NAET treatments prior to entering the study.
We will require a copy of the autism diagnosis for your child from his/her doctor:

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