Effective, Natural Strategies for Pain Relief and Wellness in Grapevine TX

CHIROPRACTIC: Dr Kennedy uses the Activator Method which is a low force technique. www.activator.com She is also trained in manual techniques such as Diversified and Thompson.

NAET: Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique is a non-invasive, drug free, natural solution to eliminate allergies of all types and intensities using a blend of selective energy balancing, testing and treatment procedures from acupuncture/acupressure, allopathy, chiropractic, nutritional and kinesiological disciplines of medicine. www.naet.com  We have helped people with a variety of allergies such as food allergies, outdoor allergies and pet allergies.

MASSAGE THERAPY: Our massage therapist is trained in the following techniques: Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Sports, Swedish and Trigger Point.

ACUPUNCTURE: Acupuncture is an alternative medicine originating in Ancient China. Bodily functions are regulated by the flow of an energy-like entity called QI. Acupuncture aims to correct imbalances in the flow of QI by stimulation of anatomical locations on or under the skin called acupuncture points, most of which are connected by channels known as meridians.

WEIGHT LOSS: Dr Kennedy can assist you with all your weight loss goals. We offer Doctor supervised HCG diet and nutritional supplements to support your individual metabolism.

DETOXIFICATION: We offer several detoxification programs to help undo the damage of various toxins that we come in contact with everyday. Our programs include Homeopathics, Whole body cleanses and massage lymphatic drainage.

NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING: Dr Kennedy can recommend nutritional supplements based on your medical conditions and/or history. She is a distributor for the following professional grade companies: Progressive Labs www.progressivelabs.com, Standard Process www.standardprocess.com, and Deseret Biologicals Homeopathics www.desbio.com.

INTEGRATED LISTENING THERAPY: ILS is a multi-sensory program for improving brain function.  It is an enjoyable activity, or "exercise," which can be customized for all ages and skill levels for implementation in clinic, school or home.